Documentation: Appyn

Version History

With the version history you can have a list of applications in different versions.

Making an previous version

With a single click converts the post with the current version of the application to a previous version.

Important: Clicking Convert to Previous Version will make a duplicate of the current post. This duplicate will have the same information (all content), the only thing that changes is the title (the version is added) and the post attribute with the current version entry. All this change is automatic and the post will be published.

Remember that if you want to create a previous version manually, you must assign it to the post of the current version (See previous image).

Go back to the original post This is where you will have to make the changes that you think are convenient since that post will be the new version. Always the new version will have the date you clicked on to convert to a previous version.This is important since it will cause the post to appear at the beginning of the page as if it were a new post. This is also automatic.

Version list

We have added a box with the list of versions that this app has.

If you have limited the number of versions to display (see the Dashboard -> Version History section), a button will appear to view all previous versions.