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Join our affiliate program and for every sale you generate earn a 20% commission.


Detailed reports

From the affiliate area you can see detailed statistics related to your performance, your referral visits and payments.


Monthly payments

We pay our affiliates on the first of each month via PayPal. There is no minimum to charge!


180-day return cookies

180-day return cookies mean that your referral will be able to make the purchase up to 180 days from the moment they send them.e.


How does it work?

Generate your affiliate links, put them on your site or share them on different social networks. Every time a user clicks on your links they will access our website, if the user makes a purchase, a sale will be assigned to you.


How do I register?

If you are already a client of ours, in the panel you will see the Affiliates option. Enter there, fill in the data and wait for the approval. If I am not a customer? Don’t worry, you can also register through this link. Then enter the Affiliate panel and complete the data.


How will I get paid?

We will pay our affiliates on the first of each month for the previous month’s sales. The closing day will be the 10th of each month. In other words, if you referred 5 clients and they made the purchase before June 10th, you will be paid on July 1st. If purchases were after June 10, you will be paid on August 1. Payments will be made through Paypal.


If there is a refund towards my referral?

If a refund is made to a customer referred by you, that commission will be deducted. If the payment for the sales has already been sent to you, the discount will be applied to the next payment.


Can I buy themes for myself using my affiliate links?

No, you are not allowed to make purchases with your own affiliate link. You will be detected by checking the IP, cookies, etc. In addition, your affiliate account will be terminated.


How can I promote your themes?

You can promote our themes through blogs, forums, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), YouTube. In the affiliate panel you will find banners of different sizes with your affiliate link.



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