Documentation: Appyn


Within the Appyn Theme panel we offer you several fields to customize the theme.

General options

Logo: Add the logo you want. 60px height limit.

Favicon: Add the main icon of your website.

Social networks: Enter the URLs of your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest). For the social buttons of the entries you can choose the gray color (by default) and color.

Texts: Fields to modify some default texts of the theme.

Comments: It allows to show comments only from WordPress, Facebook, both or deactivate them.

Header codes: Put the codes in the header, such as: Google Analytics, Webmasters, Alexa, etc.

Recaptcha v3 codes: In order to prevent robots from sending reports automatically, it is recommended to use reCaptcha. You can get the keys here.

Recaptcha v2 codes: It will serve to show the download links if the option is active.

Lazy Loading: With this function you can delay the loading of images. This will make the overall web load faster because the images will not load initially.

Previous version apps: Control the appearance of previous version apps in different parts. Only the latest versions will appear.

Date of each post: The original design of the Appyn theme does not show a post creation date on the home page. However, you can show it here, in addition to choosing the date of the last update of the app.

Related apps: Choose how the related apps of the posts will be displayed. The options are “By Category”, “By Tag”, “By Similar Title”, “Random”.

Information to download the files: Fields where you can put information to help the user to download and install the APK files.

Encrypt links: This new option allows you to encrypt your download links.

Request email in reports: Activate this option if you want to request the email from the user who makes reports.

Send report by email: Activate this option if you want the post reported by the user to be sent to your administrator email.

Ribbon “updated” since post modification: Option that will allow to show the ribbon from the modification of the post. The “Updated” ribbon is displayed on posts for 15 days after the post is created. Activating this option will be based on the 15 days after the post was modified.

Disable notifications for apps to update: Activating this option will stop receiving notifications of apps to update.

Fixed header: By default the website header (where the logo and menu appears) is fixed, you can disable it too.

Apps per row (Pc): You will be able to show the number of apps per row for the PC version.

Apps per row (Mobile): You will be able to show the number of apps per row for the mobile version.

Title in 2 rows: By default the title is displayed on a single row. With this option you can display it on two rows.

Rounded version: Design that will show the rounded corners of the boxes, buttons and links of the theme.

Automatic results: Turn automatic results on or off when the user performs a search.

Sidebar: Sidebar for the home page, categories, search page, tags, etc.

Page width: By default the width of the page is 1100px. You can also choose 100%

App view: Choose between vertical and horizontal layout for app lists

Fixed bottom menu (Mobile): Activate this option so that a lower menu appears only in the mobile version

Google search: Activate and put the Google search ID to make the default WordPress results appear from Google.


Title: Put the title that will appear in the Home.

Description: Put the description that will be displayed below the home title.

Cover Images: Upload up to 5 images to appear on Home randomly. Preferably images larger than 1300px wide and 300px high.

Top rated apps: Show a slider with the most downloaded apps.

Hide posts: Hide posts from the beginning.

Posts per page: Choose the entry limit.

Order Posts: Sort the Home posts by date, by modification or random.

Posts Categories Home: Choose which categories and how many of these you want to appear in the Home under the latest posts.

Hide blog: Option that will allow you to hide the blog list in the home page.

Featured Posts: Show up to 5 featured posts that only appear on the home.


Read more: By default the “Read more” button will appear, however you can also make the content of the description appear as is.

Download links: Choose how you will download the app file.

Normal: Default option.

Internal page: Opens the links on an internal page.

Examples of internal page:

– Download links:

– Direct Link / Redirection:

In case the panel option is Normal, the link will open directly when clicking Download APK.

– Direct download:

Internal page with double step: It has the same function as the “Internal page” option, but in this case the user will have to give an extra click to the button to go to the download link.

Single page: New option added in theme version 2.0.11. It will display a simple single page with the app information and its download link.

Download links (Permanent links): By default access the download links of the “Internal page”, “Internal page with double step” and “Single page” is, with this option it will be possible to switch to

Complete reCaptcha: Option that will ask the user to complete the reCaptcha to see the download links. You have to fill in the reCaptcha v2 codes in the required fields in General Options.

Download link style: Choose the style of the download links.

In line: Default option.

In line centered: Shows the links in row centered.

In column: Shows the links one below the other with a width of 100%.

Verified by …: Alternative text that will be displayed below the download links. Place the text you want and check the box to center it.

Join our Telegram group: Button to join Telegram that will appear under “Verified by …”. Enter the text and URL of Telegram.

Redirect Timer: Timer for download link redirection.

Download Timer: Timer to show download links.

Timer design: Default download timer design and a new style.

Sort boxes: Modify the order of the boxes to your liking (Description, News, Video, Images, etc) In addition, you can hide the boxes by checking their respective box.

Boxes to remove on the internal (download / redirect) page: Check the boxes that you do not want to appear on the internal download or redirect page.

Hide social buttons: Hide the social buttons of the posts.

Telegram Button: Show the Telegram button below the download button in the post. The link that will appear will be the one that is placed in “General options” -> “Social Networks”

App Information: Activate, deactivate and organize app info

Hide the app short description

Content Importer

API Key: Unique key that is required to be able to use the content importer. This key will be obtained by purchasing the original Appyn theme.

Roles: Choose the type of user to whom the content importer will appear.

Post status: When importing the data you can make the created post be published automatically or go to draft.

Create Category: Create a category based on what is imported.

Create Developer Taxonomy: Create a Developer taxonomy based on what is imported.

Obtain APK: Function that allows you to obtain the APK of most applications.

Upload server: You can choose the upload server for the APK files. My server, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, 1Fichier, OneDrive, Telegram.

Shortener: Select a shortener for the download links. To do this, you must also enter the shortener’s API Key, you can find this in the “Shorteners” section

Slug: Automatically add text to the end of the file name. Example: com-file-example.apk

Screenshots: Choose the number of screenshots of the application.

Rating: It allows taking the ratings of the imported application.

Duplicate apps: Function since version 2.0.3 that, when active, does not allow importing an application that has already been created.

When updating information in an app

Create a new version: Create a message with the new version when you update an app.

Disable fields: Function to disable some fields when you make updates.

Remove old featured image: Remove the old featured image from the post. It will affect older versions as well.

Keep Categories: Keep the same categories when a post is updated.

Delete old files: When you update an app, the old download file will be deleted.

MOD apps

Roles: User type to whom the “MOD apps” area will appear.

Post status: Imported post status. By default, imported apps will be in “Draft”.

Post content: Get mod app information. By default it will show the content extracted from the importer or taken from Google Play.

Shortener: Select preference shortener for download links.

Data obtained from Google Play: By default, the other information in a post is taken from Google Play. Here you can disable or activate what data will be extracted from Google Play.

External servers

Google Drive: Put the client ID, client secret and choose a folder so that you can upload the imported APK files. More information

DropBox: Create an app in Dropbox. Put the App Key and Secret. More information

FTP: Do you have an external server? Make the connection via FTP so that the imported files can be uploaded to your own server.

1Fichier: Generate an API Key in 1Fichier and place it in the field. More information

OneDrive: Create an app in OneDrive. Put the client ID, client secret and choose the folder where to upload the files. More information

Telegram: To make use of this server, you need to create a bot, get token and chat id. More information


We have a list of shorteners that can be used by placing the API Key of any of them. More information

Show original download link: If you use shorteners for the download link, activating this option will allow you to show the original link. This will be applied for imported apps greater than version 2.0.14.

Version history

Amount in the post: Choose the number of versions that will appear in the ticket box.

Boxes to be removed from the old version entry: Check the boxes that you do not want to appear in the version history entries. More information

Show direct download link: This option will show the download link of the old version without the need for the user to access the post to download. It will show the first download link. If it does not exist, the link will be to the post.


Blog section in Home: Enter the number of posts that should appear on the home page.

Blog Page: Enter the number of posts that should appear on the blog page.


At the moment we present you 2 versions of the theme, light (by default) and dark. Choose the one you like the most!

As of version 2.0.11 of the Appyn theme the new option is “Browser”. Which will allow to show the dark or light version of the theme according to the color mode that the user has in his browser.

That the user chooses color: Function from version 2.0.2 that allows the user to select the theme color. This option will appear in the menu.

Main Color: Choose the main color of the theme.

As of version 2.0.13 we added more options to change colors download button, new ribbon, updated ribbon, star color and MOD label color.


Active: Activate or deactivate the sidebar.

Sidebar position: Choose the location of the sidebar.


We give you several fields to add your ad codes for both the PC and the Mobile version. You can see the example locations in the demo.


You can enable or disable (by default) the AMP version of the Appyn theme. You will also find fields to place your Analtyics code, codes in the header, inside <body> and ads.


Modify the footer text and add different codes in this section.


Important values to be able to download or upload the heavy APK or ZIP to your server or external servers. Preferably all values should be green, if you want to know how to change these values you can read the following article.