Documentation: Appyn

Import content from Google Play

On the top bar of the administrator will be the “Import content (Google Play)” button. There you can put the URL of the application in the Play Store and by clicking on “Import data” begin to obtain the information of the application.

If your site is in Spanish, the URL must have the language parameter in Spanish as well. To verify it, verify that at the end of the URL you have this “&hl=es” if you don’t have it you can add it. Example:

Options when importing data

These options will apply to all new applications you want to import (and update). Of course you can modify these options by clicking on “Change options”. More information

Update information of an already published app

In addition to being able to generate a completely new post with the information extracted from Google Play, you can also update a post that has already been published. When you are editing a post you will see at the top the “Update info” button. Clicking on the button will automatically update the information found in the Google Play URL.

Remember that any information you have edited will be replaced. As of version 2.0.2 you will be able to limit fields that you do not want to be updated.

Important: The “Get it on” option must contain the URL of the app to Google Play.