Documentation: Appyn

Apps to update

This feature of the Appyn theme will let you know which apps on your website have a new version based on Google Play results. The process will be done automatically every hour. It is still in the testing phase so you may have a delay of 1 or 2 days to know if the app had an update.

Due to resource consumption by our servers, this feature will only be available to customers with an active license.

Every hour, all application IDs from your website are automatically sent to our servers. A comparison is made of each one of them and if the update date sent from your website is different from that of our results, the database of your website will be sent to you instantly. You don’t have to do anything, the process is automatic.

Within the area you can see the list of apps to update, the new version, the update date and the links to edit the post and see the application on Google Play.

How do I remove apps from that area?

When editing and updating a post automatically (using the update information option) the app will be removed from the list.