Documentation: Appyn


The Appyn Theme brings 11 custom widgets with which you can add in the sidebar and footer the most viewed, best rated, most qualified applications, the latest posts and created applications, the most viewed posts, add your facebook box, twitter, Youtube, categories, fixed widget and filter by mod apps

Facebook: Place the URL of your Facebook page.

Top rated apps: The entries with the best grades will appear. You can filter it by the category you want and choose the number of entries.

Most rating apps: Shows the entries that have the most ratings of your blog. You can also filter it by a category and choose the number of entries.

Most viewed apps: It will show the entries that have seen the most views of your site. Filter by category if you want and choose the number of entries that will appear.

Most viewed posts: The most viewed posts in the blog section will appear.

Twitter: Place the user of your twitter account and a button will appear to follow you on this social network.

Youtube: Do you want to show a YouTube video? Then this widget will serve you, since you can place the video you want just by placing the ID.

Latest apps: Shows the latest applications that were created on your site. You can also choose the category and number of apps.

Latest posts: Show the last posts that were created on your site in the blog section.

Categories: Display the categories with their respective icon in a single column or two. Enter each category and modify the icon there.

Fixed Widget: Added in version 2.0.13 which allows to have a widget that follows the user while scrolling down.

Likewise, each widget has the option of making it fixed.