Documentation: Appyn


Within the entries we give you more fields:


Posts created that are older or newer versions of the app will appear.

App information

In these fields the information of the application will be added when it is extracted by the importer, you can also modify it as you prefer.

Application status: With this option, a strip will appear in each application which will indicate whether it has been updated or is a new application. The active option will have a duration of 2 weeks based on the publication date of the post. For example, if you check “Updated” and the post creation date is today, the strip will only appear for 2 weeks.

Description: When importing, it will automatically take the first paragraph to be added as “description”.

Version: It will show the version of the app.

Size: It will show the size of the app.

Last update: Date of the last update of the app.

Requirements: If you have requirements in the Google Play tab of the app, it will be displayed here.

Get it on: The direct link to the app will automatically be saved. It is important to keep this link as it will serve to detect when there is an update.

Rating (Votes): Total number of votes for the app. This field will be used to show the rating in the Google results.

Rating (Average): Average rating from 1 to 5 based on Google Play. This field will serve to show the rating in the Google results.

Downloads: New field that will show the number of downloads according to the Google Play page.

Application type: Category marked automatically when importing the data.

Operating system: We know that the Appyn theme is exclusive for Android applications, however there are customers who requested to add options for other operating systems, so there is the option 🙂

Free or payment: Check if the application is free or has a cost. You can also enter the amount and the currency.

News: Text about the “news” of the application.

App video

Just put the YouTube video ID of the app and it will appear in the entry. If you find a video when importing, it will be placed automatically.

App images

When importing the data from an application from Google Play a list of links will appear with the screenshots. By default there are 5 images, you can increase or decrease in the Panel options.

Application download links

Fields for you to add all the links to download the application.

Files of type: Check what type of file the user will download. Thanks to this, a few steps will be shown depending on the type of option chosen. The steps are in the Panel of the theme, there you can edit it.

Download links

Direct Link / Redirection

Open or redirect the link you place in that field.

Direct download

Directly download the link of the file that you put in that field. You have the option to upload the APK or ZIP file.

Type of files

Check what type of file the user will download. Thanks to this you will be able to show a few steps according to the type of option chosen. The information of the options can be modified in Panel → General options → Information to download the files.

Custom boxes

Add as many custom boxes you want. Just click on Add box, enter the title for the box and the content you prefer.

Permanent custom boxes

It fulfills the same function as normal custom boxes, only in this case these boxes will appear for all posts.

Sort boxes

You can modify the location of the permanent boxes as well as the other boxes in the post. For this you must go to Panel → Single → Sort boxes. Just change the location of the box you prefer.

Ad control

This option will allow you to deactivate all the ads only for the mentioned post. It is worth mentioning that the controlled ads will be those that have been added from the theme panel (Panel → Ads / Panel → AMP)