New version: Theme Appyn 2.0.15

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New or updated apps list

In this version, in the “Import content (Google Play)” area, not only the form to import apps will appear by entering the app URL, but also a list of new or recently updated apps! You can quickly import new apps.


Infinite Scroll

Option that will allow apps to be shown while the user scrolls. There will no longer be a pager. By activating this option, it will be applied to the home page, categories, tags, etc.

Activate this option by going to Panel -> General Options


New design of app information

The classic box that displays app information will now have a different new style.

You will find this option in “Single -> App information”. Additionally, you’ll be able to change positions in the “Sort Boxes” area.


This new function will help you detect which imported posts have broken download links, that is, they give a 404 error. If you have encrypted or shortened links, the function will check the original links and if it detects broken links it will be added to the list. The process is carried out automatically 2 times a day.

You can see the list of apps in the “posts” area.


Option to add the default language to import

It will no longer be necessary to add the language code in the Google Play URL when importing, you can now add the language code in the panel. That language will be taken into account when importing. Remember that it will depend on whether the information in the app is available in that language.


Option to add a button to YouTube

Just like the Telegram button, you can now show the button to your YouTube channel. Activate the option and add the URL in the “General Options” area.


Option to add descriptions above and below posts on the home page

In this version you can add content above and below the home posts. Add content from Panel -> Home


Page that shows the most rated and most voted apps

When you install the theme for the first time or change the theme and then activate the theme again, Appyn will automatically create two pages that will show the list of imported apps ordered by number of ratings and another that will show the list of most voted apps. You can add these links in the menu

If you already have the theme installed, you can manually create two pages and in the “Template” option choose “Most viewed apps” and “Most rated apps”.