Documentation: Appyn

MOD apps

As of version 2.0.13 we added a modded apps search engine (only for customers with an active license)

As of version 2.0.14, the latest modified apps will appear by default (only for customers with an active license)

This area will allow you to search for apps from different websites more quickly. If you know any additional you can send us a message by Ticket.

It will import the modded app description, direct download link, title and version. The APK or ZIP file will not be saved on your server or external server, it will be a link that will redirect to the direct download file. All other information such as the app icon, developer, screenshots, video, etc. will be imported from the Google Play store.


Within the theme panel there are different options that apply to each imported app:

Type the app you want to search for and wait while the results load. The icon, title and version of the searched app will appear there. To import an app just click on the “Import data” button.