Google Drive API: Get Client ID and Secret for Storage

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1. We enter the Google developer console.

2. We click on Create project. We put any name and click on Create.

3. We go to OAuth Consent Screen. We mark the External option and Create.

4. The next thing will be to complete the information they request. We will only put a name for the application, an email and your website. Then click “Save and continue“.

5. Without completing anything else in that part, we go to Credentials -> Create credentials -> OAuth client ID.


6. We put the data that they ask us. In authorized redirection URIs we add the URL of our website (If our WordPress installation is in a folder, we add it with it).


We finish this part by clicking on Create.

7. We already have our client ID and client secret. That code will be copied and pasted into the panel.

8. We return to the OAuth Consent Screen and click Publish app and Confirm.

9. We finish by enabling the Google Drive API. We go to the following link and click on Enable.