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15 April, 2017
8 May, 2024

Statistics 2024

GPlay imports

This year: 297,012 apps

Last month: 42,739 apps

This month: 24,089 apps

Today: 755 apps

If you plan to create an application site, then Appyn is for you since it is developed so you can upload information from Android applications. It has several options for you to add the app’s data, video and images.

Mod apps search

Search and import the applications with their download links directly without saving to some other server.



You will be able to shorten your download links automatically after import. This option allows you to choose between 5 shorteners, just enter your API Key and start importing!

This will generate an extra income 😉


We are concerned about the speed of the Appyn theme, as this greatly influences the results of Google and of course the user. We have optimized the theme so that it has the best possible speed.

Results of Pagespped for Mobile: (View test)

Results of PageSpeed for Desktop: (View test)

Results on Google

We know that – beyond being in the first position – the way in which a result is shown in Google also influences the user to click on it, that is why we use the stars in each post app so that they appear in the results of Google as the following image:

Do not you feel like clicking on the result? 😉

Optimized and Responsive
Adapted to any device

Optimized for perfect viewing on any device from a desktop computer to a mobile phone. Support for Retina images on Hi-DPI screens, we have designed every detail to ensure that your site always looks beautiful in any environment.

RESPONSIVE – Instantly adapts to any screen size.
OPTIMIZED – Fast charging, first mobile design.
RETINA READY – Clear and clear images on Hi-DPI devices.

Eleven Widgets
totally different

The Appyn theme comes with its own widgets that you can place on the sidebar as well as in the footer.

Among these widgets we have the classics of Facebook, Twitter and to publish a YouTube video. So are the most rated apps widget, best rated, latest apps, most viewed apps, latest posts (blog), most viewed (blog), categories, and fixed widget.

Spanish and English
And support WPML

The theme is ready to be used in Spanish and English depending on the language that is configured on your website. In addition, it brings functionalities to be used with the WPML plugin.

Instant search engine + Ratings + Social buttons

Search engine: When we have dozens of posts and search for a specific application we use the search engine, in this case we have an instant search engine, which with just typing some letters will start to search and give the result without plugins.

Ratings: In each tab of the application you can qualify with 1 or 5 stars, as well as share it by clicking on the buttons of the various social networks.

Social buttons: Link your site with your social networks.

Google search engine: In recent versions you can implement Google results on your page.

Importer from Google Play!

The Theme comes free with a feature to import content from the Google Play. This will help you create your posts faster.

Starting from version 2.0.3 you will be able to upload APK files automatically to any external server (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, 1Fichier, Uptobox)

Placing the URL of a Google Play application and clicking on the Extract data button will automatically create a post with all information extracted from the Google Play app.

Here we leave a video where we use the function:

Upload APK files to
Google Drive, Dropbox, 1Fichier, OneDrive and UptoBox

As of version 2.0.3, the Appyn theme brings the option for you to connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account. In recent versions we have added servers like 1Fichier, OneDrive and UptoBox!

Now, when you use the content importer and it finds an APK file of the app, it will be automatically uploaded to the chosen server.


Clear or dark

Change the whole look of the Appyn theme by a light or dark design.

You can also modify the main color in the theme panel in a short time.

Make your online store

Do you want to create a sales site? Our theme is integrated into the best known product sales plugin in the market.

RTL support

Not all market themes offer native RTL support (from right to left), this does it. View demo in RTL 🙂

Acelerated Mobile Page: AMP

Google tells us that the AMP pages that are published in search results use 10 times less data than normal pages, and also load in less than a second. More information.

Test AMP Home:
Test AMP Post:


Can I get all the APK’s of the apps?

No, we use websites where the APKs of thousands of apps are stored, however, some of them may not be available (such as paid apps for example).

How many websites can i use it on?

You can use the Appyn theme on any of your websites. The built-in API to pull content from the Play Store is only available for a maximum of 5 websites.

Is there a limit to the use of the content extractor?

Yes, each client will be able to make up to 10,000 monthly requests.

How long does the license last?

The license is annual. With an active license you can get updates to the theme, support and use of the API Key.

Can i change the language of the theme?

It is currently available in Spanish (default language), English, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. You can also add your languages ​​(See tutorial)

Can you make custom changes to themes?

We do not make custom changes. Once you make the purchase of the Appyn theme you can modify it to your liking.

Any more doubts? Write us to chat 🙂

118 comments on "Appyn"

  1. Fakhar Nadeem says:

    Hi, i have a question that when i buy it how many years i can use it.

    1. Administrador says:

      The theme can be used on any website of yours. The API Key will be used for 5 websites.
      License renewal is yearly, which allows you to get theme updates, support, API key usage, mod app search, and app to update notifications.

  2. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I have a question before buy this theme can i create a movie website using this theme?

    1. Administrador says:

      You can create any content, however, the layout and sections are optimized for an app website.

  3. Quadri Oladiti says:

    Great theme. It will be best if you provide a button to noindex download pages.

  4. Nguyen Van Quang says:

    Nice theme! Hopefully in the next update there will be a Custom CSS feature in the Theme Panel.

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. In fact in the panel you can place the CSS you want.

  5. Amul Ahmad says:

    Thanks for the new feature to know which apps have been updated. A recommendation, for a new update of the appyn theme, can the current version of the app be added to the table?

    Thank you

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, yes, it will be added in a future version!

  6. Muhammad Shahroz khan says:

    Hello! What are the logo size and the favicon size in the appyn theme?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi! It is recommended that it be 60px height. With respect to the favicon, it is always 16×16, although it would be best to place multiple sizes. You can see the tutorial to do that here

  7. elgushi says:

    Cute design! A very important question, does the theme support the update notification available from the application or game in Google Play to receive new interest from the application added to the site. To download it and update the old version on my site

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, at the moment it does not include that function. We are working so that in the next update you have the notification of the updated app.

  8. Robert Sm says:

    Thanks for the updates. The theme always improving!

  9. Ayush Anand says:

    I have two questions before i buy it.

    1. Is it possible to remove the get it on google play button and add our own custom download button for google plat extracted posts?

    2. Is it possible to add custom download button for manual posts because there is no download button near the title?

    1. Administrador says:

      1. Yes, you can remove the Google Play button
      2. As a shortcode, you can add the download link anywhere.

      1. Browland says:

        Does your theme have unlimited licenses? if so how can we get it?

        1. Administrador says:

          Hi. You can use the appyn theme on any website. The license to use the content importer is for 5 websites.

  10. Guilherme Pamplona says:

    I have a suggestion “show number of downloads”.

    1. Administrador says:

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. John Reynoso says:

    This is a fantastic theme currently i am using it for more than 5 websites. The speed is amazing.

  12. Edri Yanto says:

    Wow Amazing theme with great and friendly support!

  13. Appsekay says:

    Good theme, thanks you

  14. Multiapkclub says:

    Thanks for providing such a amazing theme,

    I’m using same theme,on my Websites,it give very cool look.

  15. WAPLUS says:

    I Loved appyn theme. It’s lifetime theme?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. That’s right, the appyn theme can be used on any of your websites.

      1. WAPLUS says:


  16. Nouman Pirzada says:

    Awesome Theme i like Very much..

  17. TheTechGaming says:

    really a good theme and very fast loved it and recommended

  18. Extreme Apk says:

    Very good theme. I have purchased and I am using it. Loved it!

  19. Amar Montana says:

    If you are thinking about buying this theme, then close your eye and just buy it. The theme is Awesome and the support from developer is outstanding.

  20. Gamepure says:

    Thanks For Amazing Theme
    Really responsive Theme 🙂

  21. HAMZA EL FELLAH says:

    Hello dear admin, can I upload my applications to this store from my computer? Thank you

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. So is.

  22. MegaModAPK says:

    I love this theme thanks🙏🙇

  23. Shekhar Pandey says:

    Can I use it for lifetime?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. So is.

  24. YouWebSky Apk says:

    I am very satisfied with this theme. thank you

  25. Salman says:

    Great theme. waiting for new update 🙂

  26. Hackingapks says:

    Can we try this theme on Multiple site? Means After Purhasing the Theme, can we use it on Multiple site, without paying any more?

    1. Administrador says:

      That’s right, you can use it anywhere of yours.

      1. Rehman Ali says:

        on how many websites we can use it

        1. Administrador says:

          The theme can be used on any website of yours. The API Key will be used for 5 websites.

  27. Krishna Karki says:


    Before buy i want to know can we grab multiple app at once.

    Krishna karki

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. No, only one app is taken at a time. Thank you.

  28. Momtaj says:

    Hi there, I am willing to buy your theme. But I need to know something. I saw few videos on Appyn theme. From that video I learnt something. I think Title of All the Boxes are not editable. Can you Please Make the Title Of All the Boxex editable on post page?
    Like, Description, Image, What’s New.
    can you make these Title Editable?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. All information extracted is editable, such as creating a post, only in this case it is automatic. Then you can go to the post and edit the content as a normal post.

  29. Vishal Kolvekar says:

    How to Update Theme v1.5.1

  30. Mohammad says:

    Can i use this theme in my multiple website, When i buy it once?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. So is.

  31. Shiva oqp says:

    Hey, Post a new video man , Lots of changes made by you compare to old version. I’m waiting for next update like bulk posting on website or updating 10 posts at a time. Any way really awesome. Thanks a ton for update. 👍👍👍👍

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. Thanks for the suggestion.

  32. Vishal Kolvekar says:

    How to buy

    1. Administrador says:

      Add the product in a cart and in the cart page create your account and automatically access the payment page. Once this is done, you can download the theme.

  33. Vishal Kolvekar says:

    Hello … nice themes looks good .. if I buy this ,where will u provide the DOWNLOAD LINK n how fast can I get it .. plz let me know the procedure. Thank you .

    1. Administrador says:

      Immediately you buy the theme you can download it. If you have problems contact us 🙂

  34. Parvez Alam says:

    How To Remove GooglePlus On Homepage Social Button On This Website My

    Please Reply

    1. Administrador says:

      Please, to answer functionalities of the topic you must open a ticket with your account. Thank you.

  35. kunal says:

    the content scrapped from google play store is it spinned or the exact copy of the content on their google play store page?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. It doesn’t work like that, it works with the exact content of Google Play

  36. Umer Khayam says:

    This theme layout is awesome & SEO friendly, but one more thing Kindly add the Buy Buttom for the Paid Apps & Games. So it can be easily used.

  37. Kenzo says:

    Can I add my own download button/link as well as the play store button/link

    & can I remove the search bar?

    Once I know this I would be more than happy to purchase this theme

    Kind regards

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. So is. Although deleting the search bar would be manually, we can tell you where to delete it. 🙂

  38. Bilal says:

    Hey sir i am from indian currently now i have one app store website in blooger so i am thinking to switch in to wordpress because wordpress has too many feature so i want to buy your theme so how i can pay tell me plz and also i am new in wordpress

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, go to the product page (theme), click on “add cart” and then you will pay … You can pay via paypal or 2checkout with card. 🙂

  39. Ibay says:

    why can’t I extract data automatic ? how to handle it ?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. In the new version 1.4.8 we solve the problem 🙂

  40. muneeb ali says:

    How change its language to English

    1. Administrador says:

      If the language of your site is English, the theme will be displayed in that language.

  41. Apk says:

    sir this theme is not installed on my site please help me.
    When I installed this theme it fetches only text not pics

    1. Administrador says:

      Write us through a ticket from your account so we can help you.

  42. intervals says:

    can you add more feature a search bar to display blog posts, add categories in blog posts?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, it is not the function of the theme currently, but we could help you make custom edits. I would have to open a ticket and write us there. Thank you!

  43. Nanday says:

    I Have buyed and installed this theme today. Tell me how to post blogs?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, we would appreciate if you could write us opening a support ticket:
      Thank you.

  44. Сialis says:

    Hi there are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my
    own. Do you need any coding expertise to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. That’s right, we use WordPress. You need to know languages like PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

  45. Mohcine says:

    can i use this theme with software/games for windows/mac ? and does support rtl?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, yes it supports RTL. You can use the theme for any content.

  46. Akhil says:

    Can I use theme for multiple sites of I buy once

    1. Administrador says:

      Hello, that’s right. As long as it is owned by those websites.

  47. khalid says:

    Recently I have bought this Theme and when i put play store url and click on extract data, it says Error: Inténtelo nuevamente! How to resolve it!

    1. Administrador says:

      Hello. What url of google play are you using?

  48. Rahul says:

    Hello sir how can i create download page? please guide m

    1. Administrador says:

      Support to the email from the customer email.

  49. jaiprakash says:

    sir, theme seo friendly to h na. title,images and description sab fatch hote h na

    1. Administrador says:

      Hello, the theme is optimized for SEO, however I could improve it even with a plugin specialized in SEO like Yoast.

  50. jaiprakash says:

    how to set english language for your site i do not understand this language. i want to buy this theme but …..

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi. If you have WordPress configured in English, the theme will be displayed in that language.

  51. Paramjit Singh says:

    hello, sir, I am Paramjit
    my theme is not properly working when i extract the code in my WordPress it only crawls the written paragraph on play store it’s not fetch the title or any picture

    1. Administrador says:

      Hello, your email is not listed as a customer. Write to from your customer email.

  52. teuku says:

    How to hide tags on post? Any custom css code for hide tag? please help

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, you can remove it by going to the single.php file and removing the following code:

  53. Joseph says:

    I like the theme design a question at some point will add the user upload option from the front end?

    1. Administrador says:

      I do not think so, only those who have access to create posts will be able to upload the files

  54. Prince Kumar says:

    Where this option is – Added: New update alert in the panel.

    and what it does?

    1. Administrador says:

      It is an alert that will indicate when there is a new version of the theme.

      1. Prince Kumar says:

        Thank you so much, Yes, it’s true I did not make mistake to purchase this theme from you, Your support is really awesome, thanks again…

        1. Administrador says:

          Thank you!

  55. Sanaullah Alvi says:

    When New Update Sir?

    1. Administrador says:

      Tomorrow we will launch the update.

      1. Sanaullah Alvi says:

        sir how to update theme?

        1. Administrador says:

          Before updating anything, make sure you have backup copies.
          Download the theme by entering your account.
          Unzip the theme file.
          Remove the ‘appyn’ folder that is in the ‘wp-content’ directory.
          Upload all the files.

          1. Sanaullah Alvi says:

            sir i dont have my account i Buy this theme random people.. when i dont know this theme your’s 🙁

  56. Prince Kumar says:

    Details are not fetching correctly, the Only description is fetching, Images and Title are not coming.. What to do now?

    1. Administrador says:

      Yes there is a problem and that is that Google Play has changed the structure of your site. We are working on an update to solve that.

      Thank you.

  57. Oscar says:

    Hola cómo donde puedo poner publicidad adsense en las páginas de redirección o descarga directa
    Agradecería su orientación

    1. Administrador says:

      Hola, escríbanos a desde su correo de cliente por favor. Gracias.

  58. Allcrackapk says:

    I purchase this theme from you and currently using this theme on my website. Now my question to you is can I use this theme on my second site…

    I mean One theme on 2 sites..


    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, of course, you can use it on any website that is yours.


  59. Circk says:

    Hello themesPixel Support,

    A nice theme overall but I am wondering if the bot can extract the What’s New section as well ?

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, just extract the data from an application, not by sections.

  60. Sushant says:

    How to change the theme language to English? I am using WordPress for my website. Please ensure to mention the complete steps.

    1. Administrador says:

      Hi, in case you do not use language plugins like WPML, you should only change the language of the site in “Settings -> General”

    2. ModApk says:


  61. Mod apk lover says:

    This is awsm theme

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