New version: Theme Appyn 2.0.11

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OneDrive for APK file uploads automatically

With this new option you can upload files to OneDrive. You will need to create an app and put the client ID, client secret, the folder where everything will be stored and make the connection.

Follow the tutorial to create the app in the following link:


Icons for categories

Now, you will be able to choose from a list of 52 icons for each category.


Categories Widgets

A new widget that will allow you to display the list of categories with the icon assigned to each of them. You can also display it in 2 columns.


Search form in the list of apps to update

We have placed a search engine in the list of apps to update


Shortcode for download button

New shortcode that will allow you to show the download button of an app. You just have to place it anywhere in the content of a post.

Shortcode: [px_short_download_links]


Turkish language

New language added. There are a total of 6 languages ​​translated from the Appyn theme (Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish). We do the translations using the Google Translate tool, so if you find any errors, we would appreciate it if you let us know in a ticket so that we can correct it.


New download timer design

The default design of the download timer has been modified and not only that, but a new style has also been added.


In previous versions we had the options: Normal, Internal page and Internal page with double step. This time we have added a new option called “Single Page” for download links.


Just as the “Single Page” option has been added for download links, this area will have ads, which is why we have also added options to place your ad codes.


Option to display light or dark version based on user’s browser

New option that will allow to show the dark or light version of the appyn theme depending on the color mode that the user has in his browser.

Import the number of downloads of an app and display it in the post

As soon as you update the theme to this new version 2.0.11, the importer will save the number of downloads of the app according to Google Play.

This information will be displayed in the post. If you want to hide that information, use the following code in the functions.php file:

remove_action( 'px_data_app_single', 'pxdas_downloads' );


Before, when updating an app, each icon was saved on your server, with this option enabled, the old icon will be removed from your server and replaced with the new one. This will also be applied for posts that have old versions.


Hide post boxes

A simpler way to hide post boxes has been added in this new version of appyn theme. You only have to check the box of the box you want to hide.


Improved: Heavy file imports

Since a few weeks ago the importer function stopped when importing large files. This has been improved so that the files are imported in parts and not overload the server. You will not have to make any modifications, just import or update as normal.


In version 2.0.5 of the appyn theme an option was added that encrypted the download links. In this new version the link changes every 24 hours.