Privacy Policy for Google Drive

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This privacy policy is published by the creators of It only applies if you use our built-in app for authentication.

Using Google Drive with involves visiting our authentication server (website) as part of the authentication flow (OAuth).
Please note that there is no backup data or other data from your WordPress site to our servers, this all remains on your server that you are hosting WordPress on; therefore, when you see the Google permission authorization screen, it is asking you about what plugin, running on your web server, will be able to do.

The authentication procedure will cause:

Your IP address to log into our web server logs. No further processing of these records takes place. If authentication succeeds,
Your Google account identifier will be stored in the authentication server’s database so that the required authentication token can be provided to your site if it is requested again. We do not carry out any other processing on them. They are not shared with third parties.
None of our servers implicitly send or collect any other data in the process of using Google Drive. Any changes to this privacy policy in the future will be notified on this page.