New version: Theme Appyn 2.0.14

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List MOD apps recent and bulk import

In this version, in the “MOD apps” area, a list of recent mod apps to be imported will appear by default. Likewise, it can now be imported in bulk.


Telegram for automatic APK file uploads

A new option so that you can automatically upload the APK or ZIP file of an imported app to Telegram servers. The file must be up to 20 MB, these are limits of Telegram itself. To use this option you must create your bot and obtain the token and chat ID. You can follow the tutorial:


“MOD Apps” area in panel theme

In this version of appyn theme, the options that will be applied when importing a modified app will be your own. Among these options we have the roles, post status, post content, shortener and data obtained from Google Play.


Option to show mod apps in “Apps to update” area

By default, only apps imported from Google Play directly are considered in the “Apps to update” area. With this option, the modified apps will also be shown if they have a new version, a version that will be taken from the Google Play file.


“Released on” information, which shows the date app was originally published on Google Play

A new data has been added to the imported app information, the data is “Released on” which will show the original publication app date on Google Play


Options to remove information fields from an app and change position in an easier way

Now you can activate, deactivate and organize the following information in the app:


Option to hide the app short description

Added an option to hide the app short description.


If you use shorteners for the download link, activating this option will allow you to show the original link. This will be applied for imported apps since you update to this appyn theme new version.


Option to show modified apps in widgets

In Appyn theme widgets, added an option to show only modified apps.


Icons of each app in the posts list

In the posts list, the corresponding icon (Featured Image) for each post will appear.


Filter mod apps in the post list

In the posts area, we have put a filter to show mod apps.


Naturally, the last mod apps list is updated every hour. With this link you can update this list whenever you want.


Options to disable when updating an app (Video and Screenshots)

Specific information can be disabled when you import an app. Now, two more fields have been added: Screenshot and the video field.



“temp” folder for downloading APK files

When you install the theme or update, a folder called “temp” will be created inside the “wp-content/uploads” folder. Inside this folder the APK or ZIP files will be downloaded when importing an app. It will then be automatically moved to the corresponding upload folder or sent to an external server (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Then the file will be deleted from this folder. If any errors occur in the download or upload, you will be able to check that folder and delete the files more easily.


Other updates

  • The UptoBox upload option was removed since they no longer provide the storage service.
  • The WhatsApp button in the post now appears in the PC version.
  • By default, when a language has not been selected from those available in the theme, the English language will be displayed by default (previously it was Spanish)