New version: Theme Appyn 2.0.13

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Mod Apps Finder BETA (only for customers with an active license)

This area will allow you to search for apps from different websites more quickly. If you know any additional you can send us a message by Ticket.

It will import the modded app description, direct download link, title and version. The APK or ZIP file will not be saved on your server or external server, it will be a link that will redirect to the direct download file. All other information such as the app icon, developer, screenshots, video, etc. will be imported from the Google Play store.


We have added the option to add shorteners for your download links which will allow you to generate extra earnings. At the moment there are 5 shorteners, which are:,,, and We do not know the payment rate, if you want to know the terms and payments go to the website of each one of them. If you know any additional you can send us a message by Ticket.


Place the API Key of any shortener of your choice and activate the option to be automatically shortened.


We have added a list of 5 featured posts that appear only on the home page below the header. Go to the dashboard, find the post you want to add.


Fixed Widget

New option in all widgets that will allow the widget to be fixed, that is, the widget will follow the user while scrolling vertically through the web page.

Likewise, there is a new fixed widget where you can place a title and content that you prefer.


Option to control elements on pages

On the pages an option will appear at the bottom that will allow you to disable the sidebar, the date, user and comment information (post meta) and the social buttons. These controls are for the pages area.


Option to remove old files (APK, ZIP) from your server when an app is updated

In previous versions, when you updated an app, the downloaded file was kept on your server, so this new feature will delete the file when you update.


Option to change download button color, “new” and “updated” ribbons, stars, and MOD label

We have added in the color area of the panel more color options for the download buttons, the “new”, “updated” ribbons, the rating stars and the new MOD label that appears when the post is about a modified app .


Add the search engine and Google results

If you don’t want to keep the theme’s default search engine, you now have the option to use the Google search engine and its results. Go to the panel, enter the search engine ID and activate it. You can create your search engine here:



Option to show the list of apps in horizontal position

We have added top rated apps slider layout option to homepage apps list, categories, tags, search results, etc.


Option to show website full width

By default the content of the theme has a width of 1100px, with this option you can show the width at 100%


Fixed bottom menu (mobile)

New menu to be displayed at the bottom of the screen for mobile only. Add the links you want by creating the menu from the Appearance -> Menu area. Use any FontAwesome (Free) icons you like.


Additional option to choose the operating system “Linux”

Currently the operating systems that were displayed when creating a post were Android, iOS, Mac, Windows. We have added the Linux option.


Function that several of our clients sent us through the tickets. With this function you can change the position of the download links within the post.


Show timer when download option is “Normal”

When the “Normal” download option was active, the user was directed to the download area where the download link would appear directly, even if the timer was activated. With this option, only when the user is in said area will the selected timer appear before the download link(s) is displayed.


Important: This version has many changes from the original code, so if you have made custom modifications to the code it is important that you have a backup in case any errors occur.