New version: Theme Appyn 2.0.12

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UptoBox for automatic APK file uploads

With this new option you will be able to upload files to UptoBox. You will need to create an account and get the token for the connection.

Follow the tutorial to create the account in the following link:


Now, you will be able to show a sidebar on the home page, search, categories, labels and other pages that do not have a sidebar.



Option to hide social buttons inside the post

Desactiva los botones sociales que aparecen en el post.


Option to choose which categories to display in the widget

Many do not want to show all the categories in the widget, so with this option they will be able to select which category to show.


Option to disable sticky header

Fixed header is an option enabled by default. Currently you will have the option to disable it.


Option to disable category icon


Option to increase apps per row on PC and Mobile

Choose the number of apps per row for the PC and mobile version.


Option to display the title of a post in 2 rows

By default the title is displayed on a single line. With this option you can display it on two lines.


Option for rounded design

Design that will show the rounded corners of the boxes, buttons and links of the theme.



Option to disable automatic search engine results


When you make an option change you should refresh the permalinks. To do this go to Permalinks and save the changes. Remember that the “Post name” structure must be selected


Option to keep categories when a post is updated

In previous versions when you added a category to a post and used the importer to update the content, the categories were replaced. With this option you will keep these categories.


Option to show Telegram button next to download button


Improved: Blog type posts in search engine results

In previous versions, when performing a search, post type “Blog” do not appear in the results. With this improvement, these results will appear.

Improved: Delete permanent boxes

In previous versions, to eliminate the permanent boxes created, the fields had to be left empty and updated. Currently it will be deleted with the “Delete box” button.